Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Lenson's Lens Hood.

Went to help Lenson shoot his video project thing involving lots of explosions and gunfire and meteors! Unfortunately it was a video project about Computer Generated Images, so we didn't actually shoot any explosions and gunfire and meteors. (But you could so imagine the Transformers soundtrack playing)

Couple of other pictures:

On an unrelated note, Minghui's latest favourite words seem to be syllogism and bourgeois. From reading a book on Logic and Socialism respectively. Bourgeois Syllogism. I have no idea how to pronounce these words properly, but I like the spelling. They sneakily have a double l in syllogism to confuse people like me when pronouncing it. And bourgeois just sounds weird, like some Singaporean saying bo your gee ois!

I'm not making sense hahahahaha. The book on logic is having an opposite effect.

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