Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Kite Flying.

Went kite flying on National Day with Timothy, Yurong and Melanie at Sengkang. At least, we attempted to fly our kite.
I thought the sky was quite nice! And there were lots of kites in the sky since it was a public holiday and many other people decided to spend their afternoon watching a piece of plastic/paper attached to a string flutter in the wind. :)
Minghui pictured above holding the kite.
Although it looks like the kite is flying higher than the HDB flats, but no matter how we tried, we couldn't actually get the kite to stay up in the air for longer than a few minutes.
I think it's because it was Priscilla's kite. :P

There were lots of other interesting kites around us as well!
Really Long Tail Kite.
Boat Kite.
Bird Kite.
Doraemon Kite.
Timothy Wearing A Kite For a Hat Kite.
There were airplanes flying past from the National Day Parade!
Super long panorama.
We gave up our futile attempts to fly a kite after a while and decided to take a group photo! Hahaha.

Rest of the pictures on Facebook. :)

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