Friday, 20 November 2009


I just took my 4th DSC_9999 photo a few weeks back. For those that have no clue, whenever I take a picture, it's filename starts counting from DSC_0001, DSC_0002, and so on. Once it reaches 9999, it goes back to 0001. =)
Doesn't matter if you delete the photos or not, since the filename is written automatically when you press the shutter. Meaning I've taken 40000 or so pictures so far.

These are the four. I got my camera on the 1st June, 2008.

Was at a friend's house for her birthday celebration and saw this rainbow outside. Didn't realise it was the 9999th picture.

Taken during my NPCC Passing Out Parade Party, this was the only time I tried to plan out the 9999th picture. Haha. Rather failed attempt cause it's blur and Hao Xiang's handphone blanked out. =/ The party was okay though. Hahaha.

Taken at Old Changi Hospital, scary place. Haha. Didn't think much when shooting.

Taken at David's birthday barbecue. =) Didn't plan this either. Haha.

I think I'm taking photos at an increasing rate. And I should be drawing/attempting to draw/sleeping now instead of doing this. Hahaha.

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