Monday, 9 November 2009

Seventeen Years Old.

I turned 17th on the 17th October this year. Jacob turned 15th on the 15th, and Daphne turned 19th on the 19th October. Hahaha okay that's just random.

Anyways, cell group celebrated my birthday at Corps. Haha. Not really a 'surprise' since we went swimming in the afternoon and they all had to mysteriously disappear somewhere when I went for worship practice.

Pictures! I forgot who took the pictures.

Melanie's colourful handphone pouch.

Got a present which came in a box. And the box was filled with flour.

I had flour everywhere. Spent a long time cleaning up afterwards. Hahaha.

Went for supper with my family, and I turned 17 whilst eating roti prata at a shop in Thompson Road. Hahaha.

Celebrated with my family the next day.

This was my birthday cake. The car actually works. Awesome.

Okay I had a real actual normal kind of cake. But it's so boring so I shall not post a picture of it here. Haha. Went to Jack's Place for lunch.

My parents got married on the same day I was born. /randomfact


Met Hao Xiang at Kovan in the afternoon and we went to play Left 4 Dead. Hahaha. Okay shooting and blowing up zombies in a post-apocalyptic world on your birthday is probably kind of weird, but I haven't played it in such a loong time.

Then we went to meet Ryan at his house.

H is for house. =)

Ryan's ski mask, goggles and Nerf Gun combination.

The gun is powerful. I know from painful experience.

Went to Burger King at Clarke Quay for dinner. Then we hunted around for Pez Dispensers but couldn't find any. So we walked to the Esplanade instead.

Started flashing around again. Running about in jeans on a warm night. =/

Achieving flight.

Okay went to Church the next day, then celebrated my birthday again along with Cedric and David after worship ministry meeting. =)

Celebrated my birthday in school on Monday with Crystal with schoolmates too. Haha. Thanks for the awesome homemade cake. =D

I think there's a lot of similarities this year and last year. Every time it's my birthday I feel kind of contemplative though? Not that I'm one year closer to dying, if I'm that obsessed about mortality. It's more about what I've achieved or accomplished so far, who I am or what I've done. Sent an email to myself from last year and read it this year. Then I sent another email to myself for next year. I think is cool.

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