Tuesday, 17 November 2009

David's 21st Birthday.

Had a surprise birthday barbecue for David a few Saturdays back planned by Rachel. Haha. Why my sister never plan these kinds of things for me one. Probably cause I don't plan for her either. It's a vicious cycle.

First we went early to decorate!


The barbecue pit was by the poolside.

Spiderman balloons!

I coloured the S and V. Hahaha.

Starting the fire.

Trying hard not to smile.

Gigantic Hot Dog! =O

Barbecuing requires one's undivided attention.

Lots of 7-Ups.

Poolside. =)

Treble Clef.

Haha we went to surprise David when he pulled into the condominium. Hahaha. Okay I think he wasn't surprised la. But can pretend a bit. =)

Went around wirelessly flashing people again.

Sting Ray! I feel hungry now.

David's Arsenal birthday cake.

Trying to squash David. Hahaha.


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