Monday, 4 May 2009

Starting School.

Okay I realised I haven't blogged at all in 2 or 3 weeks since the start of Polytechnic. Hahaha. So Minghui shall blog today! (instead of finding pictures of architecture and buildings which I'm supposed to do lalala)

I only have 2 subjects a day, Communicating Design Ideas from 9am-12pm and Drawing Essentials from 12pm-3pm. As you can see, no recess time or lunch break. =( Hahaha but our lecturers will give us lunch breaks and all that la.

Polytechnic started with all the design school students going for a gigantic meeting thing with other design school students. Hahaha. Then we had our first lecture after that which was pretty stressful cause it was on drawing and I know nothing about drawing heh.

You would think that drawing essentials teaches you how to draw essentials, but nooooo they make you draw all sorts of objects and organic forms. Hahaha. And most people in my class are all like amazingly talented at drawing and asked all sorts of weird questions during our first tutorial.

And the tutorials are pretty stressful, cause you get assignments on drawing everyday and they're all graded so you can't slack for some drawings and draw detailed stuff for others. Gahh.

And communicating design ideas is worse cause it's like English lessons with a design twist to it. And you have to write 2 page long essays on design ideas and learn all the citation formats and research on your topics and all that boring stuff. Eee. For example, Minghui's Thesis Statement which I think isn't really a thesis statement at all. Hahahaha.
However, although Helvetica is a well crafted font with a variety of weights, is it really useful in today’s designs? Or does it limit creativity, with designers refusing to use anything else? Is Helvetica really as popular and amazing as others make it out to be, or is it nothing more than a font used by designers only?

But okay la, although the tutorials are stressful and the course is competitive and all that, it still beats doing Maths. =D (Minghui, 2009)

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