Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Camp X 2009.

Went for Design School Camp on the 14th to 17th April! Haha.

Can't really remember everything I did leh. I was running and swimming one day and going for a camp the next and all the crazy things happening over the past few days la.

Made new friends, including Malaysians and a Thai. =D And played all the stations games/stuff that you do at an Orientaion Camp la. Haha. Didn't really get enthu or anything cause I was saving energy for Triathlon. =P

And we went to Sentosa at 11pm in the night! Playing station games at night at Sentosa is kind of weird but not unusual since I'm a nocturnal person anyway. Haha. But the last time I've been to Sentosa at 11pm+ was 3 or 4 years ago when I stayed over at some chalet. Reached back to Temasek Polytechnic at around 3am.

Night walk was awesome too! Haha. Although their horror stories they told us at the beginning had similar plots to horror movies like Shutter and Dorm, but I think the night walk was the best I've ever been too. Haha. All of the 'ghosts' were wearing make-up and fake blood and all that stuff, and there was lots of 'decorations' on the walls. Although I wasn't scared lar. =/

Last day of camp was the Regatta, and we won the Best Spirited School man!! Cause our school was the most crazily enthu one la. And our cheers were all stupidly awesome! =D Then we had Design Shower which was O.O Haha.

Couldn't make it for Cell group cause the camp ended at 10pm. =\

Went for supper with a bunch of people, and took a cab back home. Awesome I just blogged everything in 30 minutes! Haha.

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