Thursday, 28 May 2009

7 Things I've Learned About Long Hair.

  1. Long hair gets irritating when you hear music with external headphones (like mine) cause the hair keeps messing up with the sound and makes it muffled. Not to mention gets into your ears.
  2. The longer your hair, the harder it is to swim. *Gasp* Who would have known? But good la, can train better with more resistance.
  3. Long hair takes unbelievably long to dry. No wonder my sisters rarely shower at night. Takes like 45 minutes to dry fully la. O.O
  4. Long hair means waking up in the Morning with crazy hairstyles. Hahaha. Especially if your hair is not that long.
  5. Long hair means you look older, cause not from Secondary School anymore lehhh. (=P)
  6. Oh yea, longer hair = more weight. (quick Chee Sheng! Then won't be underweight lehh)
  7. Long hair = No more spiky hair. Unless you use unbelievable amounts of hair gel.
Sleeping about 4 hours everyday for the past 5 days trying to do assignments. Hahaha gosh I think too little sleep means I go crazy. And this flying mosquito just zoomed past me. Okay. Nights.

Click and Watch.

I want to learn how to create such a techno beat on my guitar too! Hahaha credits to Ryan for getting me addicted to the song la. Should go hear those techno remixes too. =)

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