Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Stupid Certificates.

Okay, I stayed up till 3am to do the certificates and went to sleep at 3.30. Almost couldn't wake up, but I did in the end and went to school. =(

Almost couldn't stay awake at all during lessons. Then after school waited for like an hour for the Elective Geography students to be released. Then Chee Sheng, Woei Jiun, Nina and Hao Xiang came to my house to discuss the video.

Haha, we did discuss the video, to a certain extent. Then we sort of played around with Snowie, the laptop, and a bunch of other stupid things around my room. =D

Then it was time to do those certificates and edit any errors made. There was this like, small 5 cent coin sized patch of pure white which I must have placed there by accident, and the printer picked it up so I had to redo every single certificate again.

GAH. Felt like pulling my hair out then, but then decided against ruining my perfectly healthy, normal, handsome and beautiful hair. =P

Slept at around 1am. Felt even worse than the day before when I woke up.

Went to Lenson's house before school started to get the ODAC board things, when I reached his house, it started raining very heavily. So we ran in the rain. Heehee so fun! Except I was soaked when we reached school la. But the rain woke me up! Like a second acid-based shower in the Morning. =D

School again, fell asleep during Chinese lesson in a sort of sitting position. Like my head was upright but facing down, then I drifted off to sleep every 10 or so minutes until Kenny started shouting: "Minghui don't sleep!" Gah, horrible feeling you know? Like, the feeling where you feel like sleeping but can't and have to force yourself awake.

Then after school, went to celebrate Wei Ting's Birthday. Haha, Happy Birthday Wei Ting! That's like the thousandth time I've said it but ah whatever. Went to Plaza Singapura and caught The Game Plan.
It's a nice show la, but kind of cliched in that the father-daughter kind of movie. It's a football movie so there's a lot of reference to football stuff. But I think The Longest Yard is still the funniest football movie I've seen so far. =D

Denise was like laughing super loud throughout the show, Elaine also, but Denise like can laugh the longest one lor. =X

And I felt like sleeping when watching the movie too. =(

Went back home, then had to do more edits on the certificates. GAH. More of spelling errors though. Slept at 2am cause I had to prepare full uniform for npcc.

Haha, so today was like, eyes-feel-super-heavy-day. But nah, I drank 2 cans of coffee so I have caffeine running in my bloodstream. Wee energetic cause I haven't drunk coffee since last week.

Open House Parade Full Dress Rehearsal. It's weird, I just realised it's called a Full Dress Rehearsal. Why full dress? Does that mean we all wear dresses? Or that we wear half dresses for other rehearsals? Heehee okay I'm being rhetorically stupid.

Then went home immediately after and now I'm trying to finish the draft by midnight. So I guess I will be tired tomorrow, but tomorrow is a holiday so Happy Deepavali Everyone!

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