Monday, 12 November 2007

HIHS Open House 2007.

Okay haven't updated in a long time again. Anyways, didn't do much on Deepavali except sleep. Haha, and I went out for supper with my family at around 10+ at night.

Open House itself was, normal I guess. Very little turnout cause only 2 Primary 6 classes attended. Nothing much to say. =/

Went to Nina's house after that to watch a movie with Chee Sheng, Eugene, Joshua, Hao Xiang, Woei Jiun, Wei Ting and Elaine. Some 19th level of Hell thing. Haha, totally not scary at all. It's about this handphone game that leads people into hell. And who the hell has time to go select what weapon to use through and handphone in hell? =D I think Stephen King's Cell is much scarier.

Then after watching the movie, went back to school. NP training. Was quite okay la, mostly preparation for Sec2s 3rd Class re-Test.

Then went home, didn't go for cell cause Open House was on the next day too.

Woke up at 7 the next day, reached school at 8 then went to a classroom to polish boots. Haha. Then Open House parade for another 3 times.

Ate at LJS for lunch with NP people then went home, changed and went out again.

Went with Lenson to Funan Digital Life Mall. Wanted to buy a Laptop bag, but in the end the bag was too small la. Stupid. But I shall use the bag as a file anyways, and a pillow if I feel like sleeping somewhere. =D Played Halo3 for like 1/2 an hour. Like so fun larr, I wanna play the entire campaign.

Went to Central to search for an ATM. But in the end we couldn't find a POSB/DBS one so we walked back. Ate Pepper Lunch or dinner too. I've never seen a Pepper Lunch in a food court before man.

Reached home at around 10.45.

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