Saturday, 3 November 2007

St Clare Kindergarten Graduation & Concert 2007.

Haha, blogging from Home Team NS @ Bukit Batok. Wireless@SG, so fReE iNtErNeTsZ!!111!

The concert is over, I think it's a very nice concert. Haha, and I realised I can't remember a single thing about my Kindergarten Graduation Concert, maybe cause don't have? I can remember a bit about my Nursery Graduation Concert though.

And I sat next to this Primary School kid with a Superman water bottle! He was like making an alphabet sign with his fingers randomly. Like: C! E! H! F! XD

And all the Graduating K2 kids like super cute one lar! but I'm cuter Haha, and some parts were funny cause the kids all got some mix ups, heehee, but they still like so cute even if they make mistakes. =/

And one of the MCs at the beginning was a K2 guy whose Chinese was better than me. =/

Worst part was when the graduation video which I spent hours working on failed to work, some technical mishap. =\ Like one minute I was enjoying myself and watching the concert, next minute I was following my mother up the stage backstage in front of a couple of hundred people. =S Super adrenaline-pumped man. Cause the video didn't appear and I was acting cool walking up the stage with a laptop in my hand. =P

Blee, and for a moment everyone was seeing the laptop on the screen and probably wondering why a 'Kindergarten Graduation Video' was in the same folder as a 'Transformers.xvid'.

Haha, anyways, there were problems with the sound, so in the end the video didn't have sound, but I think it was okay la. And I think the technician didn't expect a teenager to know about AV stuff. XD

And the super cute kids were like asking :"Who is this kor kor?"

Heehee, okay shall not blog anymore cause the laptop's battery is running low.

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