Monday, 5 November 2007


You know how my last post said that the "rest of the week" was pretty uneventful?

I TAKE THAT BACK. Now there's millions of things to start doing again. =(

Blah, went to school on Friday as usual. School was bleah, those who had B3 and above for Chinese don't have to go for Chinese lessons for the entire 'November Bridging Program' , so people with C5 like me, (yes I passed! =P) have to attend lessons. And whilst we were all trying to stay awake listening to the Chinese teacher talk, the rest were out eating breakfast at Macdonald's. =\

But it isn't so bad la, haha, cause Kenny in same class as me. =)

English lesson was on parallel structures. Disgusting. I never did understand the whole point of inventing something like parallel structures. You understand, I understand, can liao right?
I think the sole purpose of parallel structures is to make sure people lose marks in English, aside from summary writing and letter writing. Cause I always lose marks because of these three. Haha.

We were released early from Physics lesson cause Mdm Ee had some meeting to attend, so I went to change to npcc full uniform early. School Open House Parade training, but today we really only rehearsed the skit thing. Which is...unique I guess.

Then after training I was reminded by Woei Jiun that the POP invitation card design extended deadline was due today, it was supposed to be 31st October but I didn't read my mail(cause gmail is so much better) and I thought all along the deadline was on Friday.

And I didn't even start on the design yet. =/

It was raining heavily, but since it didn't look like the rain would stop we ran out to Hougang Mall in the rain. Then I took a train home, then ran home in the rain again.

Was like 2.30pm when I reached home, rushed through the design and completed it at around 5pm. Non-stop. Haha, like first time I've ever rushed so fast before. Cool! But I don't ever want to try that again, cause the stress itself is very draining.

Emailed instructors the design, then emailed Chee Sheng and Eugene who gave me the drawings, then rushed out of the house again to Church.

Reached there slightly late. Was so tired that I slept on the train and almost missed the stop. =/

Worship practice. The most fun part of the day in my opinion. Matthew wanted a rock style, so there were 2 electric guitars. Kind of played rhythm and Yu Rong played lead, but we kind of played differently and the distortion was so loud I could feel my ears ringing whenever we paused. Haha, so fun playing around like a rock band. Definitely opens up insight into worship. And I feel like buying an electric guitar all over again. Blah.

Went supper with my father after cell. Kway Chap again. =\ Then reached home at about 11.30pm. Went to sleep almost immediately.

There was campcraft training the next day, but I didn't go. Woke up at 9am instead, then changed into PE attire and went to school for the Perth Trip Briefing.

Briefing was okay, don't exactly feel enthusiastic about it cause of the camp immediately afterwards which will probably drain whatever energy I have left. =( And I've been so busy the past few days that I only just realised that the trip was in 12 days time.

Took an MRT down to Dhoby Ghaut and changed to North-South line, then went all the way to Bukit Gombak Station. Super long journey. Then my mother's colleague fetched me to the country club which leads to the previous post.

But anyways, went to Ikea today with my family. Haha, like I was walking around when a boy with this soccer ball with an Ikea price tag on it ran past me and hit my leg with the ball. It wasn't painful cause it was a soft toy. Haha. Then the mother was like: "See kor kor waiting for you to pass him back his ball. Faster." Then I was like: "Huh?" giving a bewildered look at the mother, then she sort of smiled at me and continued to ask the boy to stop playing with the ball with numerous references to kor kor. Like: "See kor kor looking at you already, faster give him back his ball, don't play already." The boy just ran off. Heehee.

I think the mother has poor parenting skills to resort to using a stranger to scare her child into behaving. Or maybe it's just cause I look scary and the mother wanted a quick and easy way to make her child behave. =\

Now I'm back home blogging. The photographer from my mother's kindergarten didn't do the certificates nicely and now I have to do them. =( Like cropping the photos to 688 times 880 pixels, then resizing it to 350 times 450 pixels, then adding the name of the child, then positioning both the text and the photograph on the Graduation Certificate and finally saving it as an xcf and png. Boring, repetitive and tiring work.

But I'm paid like $1 for every cert and there's 76 certs. And $76 for staying up till 3am isn't that bad you know?

I'll just oversleep or not concentrate on lessons tomorrow. =)

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