Thursday, 1 November 2007

November Bridging Program.

Okay, I realised I haven't mentioned the fact that holidays have 'officially' started. So what have I been doing this past few days of freedom from authority? Going to school. Cause there's a 'November Bridging Program.'
I think it's just another way of saying 'Extra School Extension For 2 Weeks', but that's just me.

Anyways, I think it's okay la, I mean, where else will I find time to study and revise, if not forced? Heh. It's almost the same as every normal school day except reporting time is 15minutes later and we are released about 1 or 2 hours earlier depending on the day.

And I actually concentrated during Maths lesson. Haha, like I can understand about the formula thing and actually complete the sum! Heh.

And I went around after school too.

Like on Monday, went to Lenson's house to play piano. Haha, I memorised the duet from The Secret, and Denise was like in Lenson's room laughing every few minutes. To herself. Okay she's actually laughing at a TV show on Youtube. But no one else really finds it that funny.

Then waited for Woei Jiun to come, then left Lenson's house, went to Compass Point for dinner. Haha, met up with Stephen too. Then Stephen told this super lame joke.

Stephen: Hey you want to hear a joke?

Minghui: Okay, what?

(Everyone looking at Stephen, Stephen points to Woei Jiun and Denise)

Stephen: She's pretty! HAHA!

Minghui: HAHAHA!!!

Woei Jiun and Denise: OI! Saying who?

Minghui: Both. Haha

Then we laughed non-stop, then after that I said.

Minghui: Eh, want to hear a joke?

Woei Jiun and Denise: You're Handsome!

And we were walking past this guy who said: Haha! Quite true, quite true!
Super sia suay la. Like I kenna suan by someone I don't even know. =/

I realised on Tuesday that it was already 30th October, and the deadline thing for IC registration was 31st.

So I went down to ICA after school on Tuesday with Hao Xiang and Chee Sheng. Good thing I went with them, cause I forgot about the $10 registration fee and didn't have $10 with me. Haha.

Chee Sheng went off early because he had PTM but Hao Xiang stayed...then tricked me into taking the MRT all the way to Pasir Ris and change to bus 3. -.-

So in the end it took about 2 hours before I reached home. Especially waiting for bus 3 which took unnaturally long. =/ But thanks to Chee Sheng and Hao Xiang for pei-ing me la. =D

I think the rest of my week was pretty uneventful, except maybe for the finishing last touches on the Kindergarten Graduation Video, which I think I've spent about 30 hours doing already, that's about $6.50 an hour? Heh.

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