Saturday, 10 July 2010

Potato Jumps Over The Wall.

Read on to assuage your curiosity for the treasure trove of culture, knowledge and understanding through this pictorial representation of the legendary history of this enigmatic dish. Delight your brain cells as you delve into this epically surrealistic world of potatoes, and it should be noted that all gratitude and acknowledgement must be directed to my cell group. :D

Once upon a time, there lived a group of small potatoes.

The potatoes were a happy group of people, 
and lived together on an tropical island.
(I am suffering from Lost withdrawal symptoms after watching the last season of Lost. ):)

BUT one day, one of the potatoes ate too much, and became a big potato!
The big potato was a social outcast and did not belong to the democratic society of the small potatoes, and so he asserted his authority over them and started bullying the other potatoes; creating an authoritarian regime.
The small potatoes were badly hurt by the big potato.
So the small potatoes decided to seek help from an expert in the field, and sought Gordon Ramsay for advice on how to prepare themselves for battle.
Gordon Ramsay said: "You fools. Pathetic. Sour cream get it? Use sour cream! Now get out of my kitchen!"
And so, the potatoes tried sour cream, and found that it worked well in healing their injuries.
But still, the potatoes knew that just as eating ice cream cannot quench your thirst, sour cream alone was not enough to defeat the big bully socially outcast potato. Hence, they decided to seek the advice of Martin Yan.
Martin Yan said: "If you want to fight the potato, you need to fight potato with potato. Build a potato wall to keep the big potato out, and the dish is really simple, really easy to make."
Therefore, the small potatoes banded together and created...The Great Wall of Potato.
With the help of the sour cream behind them, and The Great Wall of Potato in front, the big bully socially outcast potato was repelled, and democracy reigned again on the island!
To this day, Potato Jumps Over The Wall is eaten all over the World to commemorate the extraordinary legacy that the small potatoes have left behind.
The End.

Mind-blowing. Hahaha. The thing about using Photoshop for work is that you can always end up using Photoshop for something else. :P The dish was part of a food competition, that we won because our dish teaches lessons on society (authoritarian/democratic regimes), equality (all the potatoes get eaten in the end), and morals (working as a team and learning from your elders). And it's baked and not fried too so it's healthy! :P

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