Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Facing Your Giants - SAY Camp 2010.

Was kind of wondering how I was going to post photos of the camp cause there's like 500 or so, so I decided to do a video! Hahaha. Although not all the pictures in this video are taken by me and half the pictures I took I can find fault with, an experience isn't defined by the number of good pictures you shot is it? (I'm just making myself feel better)

Created the video in Final Cut Pro, and it took me an Afternoon to figure out all the controls and effects and everything. Haha. It's like a hundred times more complicated than iMovie, and I made a lot of stupid mistakes here and there, and wasted a lot of time as such. In retrospect, I think I added way too many effects into the above video, but the Gaussian blurs/keyframe effects are so cool. It's like Photoshop that moves hahaha.

And the song in the video is rather emo-ish too. But I was hearing the new album by Lifehouse when doing the video and started playing the rerecorded version again and again. I think the previous version with the cello was nicer though. The song is Everything by Lifehouse and it has a crazy A2 chord that requires a lot of stretching between your middle and ring finger that I remember trying to learn when I first started out learning the guitar.

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