Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Minghui's latest quasi-philosophical thought of the week/month is how quasi-anything sounds really awesome. Like quasi-scientific, quasi-legislative, quasimodo, etcetera etcetera. Quasi sounds cool right! :D

Okay seriously, lately I've been thinking that we are defined by our age much more than we would like to be. It's interesting how we have a preconception that age is proportional to maturity or wisdom. In many cases this is true, as many people older than me have proved time and time again. But still, I think it's interesting how we naturally respect the people older than us simply because they are older. It's as if age is something you need to work hard to get, which you don't because you just need to wait really really long right?

You know how as a child you will always be seen as a child by your parents, or by any adult older than you. Or how the people who are older than you now will always be older than you, unless something morbid happens. And that never changes, so we'd always think of the people older than us as old, and the people younger than us as young. And this is best exemplified by how I'm guilty of thinking that the people younger than me are still in Lower Secondary or Primary School, when in reality they are already much older than that.

But it's only true for the people I'm not very close with, since I only see them once in a while and never actually keep up with their lives very much. And since I'm not close to a lot of adults I meet, then I can't complain then I'm being treated like a kid since to them I'm still a kid right. And you could say that you're treating me like an adult, or an individual, but the moment you start talking about how much I've grown or how I used to be as a kid, I don't really see how that's treating me like an adult. It's the preconceived notions of how we were in the past that affects how we are treated now. But it happens so naturally that no one's really to blame; it's how we function as human beings. We recall our past and rely on it to make informed decisions in the future, likewise for human interaction.

Okay I think I'm quasi-ranting. Quasi-frustrated over a bunch of things lately. Schoolwork is one of them, although completely unrelated to this. Hahaha.

Quasi-Russell says quasi-hi.

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