Saturday, 3 July 2010

Lower Pierce Reservoir.

Went to the Lower Pierce Reservoir a long long time ago with Ryan. But before that we were at Funan/City Hall shopping! Hahaha.

Ryan with his pencil case bag thing.
If I remember things correctly I met him after class one Wednesday and we went shopping for camera things, but didn't buy anything. 
So we went to shoot pictures instead.
It's a traffic light in the middle of a bunch of seats! Yeahhh...
Tiny moth.
Decided to go to Lower Pierce, since my Church was nearby and I was going there later.
Illegal Fishing.
On the way back we walked along this road which had monkeys everywhere. And they weren't scared of humans at all.
Moneky checking out his pedicure. :D
Okay then we went to Thompson Plaza and Ryan went home.
Ryan, pictured above, is about to go home.

Oh yes. Snowie has a new hat!
I think he doesn't know that it's a girly hat yet. :P

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