Saturday, 31 July 2010

Imagine doing something all your life, that you thought was helpful, beneficial to others. In other words, the right, good thing to do. Then one day someone comes along and says something that totally changes your view. The thing you previously thought was right and good now seems wrong and bad. Not a sin or a very bad thing, but a gray area in morality. Was the thing negative and bad all along, even though it was only your view that changed? What about the views of others, do they affect if something is 'right' or 'wrong'? Do our actions define our morals or do our morals define our actions.

What if you thought you were helping others, but it turns out that maybe you were just distracting them from what they should have been focusing on instead. What if it comes so instinctively now that you don't know what to do to change. What if hypothetical situations never existed. But hypothetical situations are hypothetical and don't exist anyways.

I am thinking way too much about way too many things at the same time. Not good.

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