Tuesday, 27 July 2010

New Zealand Day Five.

Okay we woke up really early, at about 7am and waited for a bus that would bring us to Milford Sound. And I was really sleepy on the bus so I didn't take much pictures. 
But I did manage to listen to the bus driver who was really engaging and told us lots of things. Like how Kiwis are captured immediately after they hatch and brought to a safe nursery where they grow up for a year before being released back into the wild. Or how 10 moose were introduced to the country from America a long time ago and no one knows if they survived although there are rumoured moose sightings. Or an earthquake that happened a year ago that was 7.6 on the Richter scale.
We stopped at various places on the way there and back.
That white stuff is actually ice. :O
This lake is known as the Mirror Lake because well, it's like a mirror.
Okay it was raining so it didn't really look that mirror-ish.
We boarded the boat and lunch was provided!
I apologise in advance for the next two pictures which are proof that eating is the best time to take unglam photos.
The boat ride was pretty cool. Although it was really really wet because it was raining really heavily.
Our cameras got really wet as well. Like soaked.
But the heavy rain meant lots and lots of spontaneous, ephemeral waterfalls. :D Like I lost count of the number of waterfalls after a while.
There are only like two permanent waterfalls in Milford Sound, and the rest were all temporal and caused by the rain.

Milford Sound is not actually a Sound, it's a Fjord. Sounds are wider and formed by the sea flooding the river valley, whereas Fjords are formed by glaciers carving out the valley and then receding. They named the whole area Fiordland to make up for that mistake.
Lenson takes a picture of his camera.
We saw these two sea lions lazing around. But I was at the wrong end of the boat.
We went back to dry land, and saw a giant housefly!
Okay apparently the housefly's been on the wall of the visitor centre for a long time, because my friend has a picture of it from when she went to New Zealand many many years ago.

We took the bus back to Te Anau and stopped at many places again.
Ryan with an umbrella.
I couldn't take a nice picture of THE CHASM, so I took the sign instead. :)
Lenson and Ryan.
There was a porcupine next to the bus driver! At least, I think it's a porcupine.
I think we look like wild adventurers acting cool!
There were these two kids on the bus sitting in front of me, and all of a sudden they turned around and started competing to see who could say Ni Hao the loudest. Hahaha. Then they started trying other Chinese words like Xie Xie. 
The left boy was a German named Mitchell and the right one was a German/Hong Kong named Lucas. Hahaha. They were super havoc and when we started laughing Mitchell got really angry and started saying Not Funny exactly like the boy in that video. Of course that made us laugh even more. Towards the end of the bus ride I shared my iPod with Lucas and he was fascinated, hahaha.
Portable Tea Maker!

Reached Te Anau sometime in the Evening and most of the shops were closed because it was Good Friday. We did go to the Supermarket though.
Had our dinner at a restaurant that was open, and then we went back to our room and watched The Hurt Locker.

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