Friday, 11 June 2010


Bought a 2-bay network attached storage at the PC show yesterday. With two 1.5TB hard drives as well. Now Minghui is a happy geek. Hahaha. The only gripe is my modem is way too slow at 56mbps. But never mind I'm going to back up everything slowly this time. And I'm using Raid 1 mirroring so if my hard drive fails again like the last time (shudder), I'm not going to lose anything! :P And I can access the NAS anywhere in the house wirelessly, and BitTorrent straight to the NAS, and stream iTunes music from it, and access it from online with an ftp client, and all the other super geek stuff hahaha.

It looks like this:
I still think the Drobo looks cooler. But $600 for the enclosure alone is not a very economical price. Never mind next time!
Drobo sounds nicer than DNS323 as well.

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