Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Home Alone.

Okay alone with Snowie. :)

My family left for Genting on Saturday with our relatives, and so I've been spending the past few days alone at home with Snowie for company. Hahaha actually I wasn't really been at home much, thanks to a super epic weekend with a 6 hour worship practice, Carl's Junior Thickburger, 5 hour meeting, $88 Ben and Jerry's Vermonster, 6km run, and playing heart attack in the back of a van. Epic.

Anyways, I think being alone at home is rather unnerving. Okay I don't mind being alone at home, and I'm probably alone most of the time because I go to sleep at 4am and wake up at 12pm (3pm classes yeaaahh). But after a while that silence seems to get to you. You can start making out individual sounds that the house makes like the refrigerator kicking in, or the washing machine starting it's spin cycle. It's unnerving especially at 4am in the Morning when suddenly Snowie has a nightmare.

And doing housework is blah. I have a renewed respect for how my parents can manage every day. It's so tiring I can probably add housework into marathon training. Hahaha. Like after a run, start hanging out the clothes to dry.

Hahaha and I need to go shoot a picture like this:
Instead of a gun I'll hold a camera, and Snowie can be the dog at the side! :D
Oh yea I think I am Legend is a great novel. Better than any of the 4 movies adapted from it. :P

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