Saturday, 17 April 2010


Haven't been blogging lately, although I got back five days ago and it's the last week of school holidays so I should be free. It's just that the most depressing thing imaginable happened. My 1 terabyte external hard drive refuses to work. And it is most depressing, as pretty much everything I own electronically is stored in that drive, and only in that drive. So I've lost pretty much every single picture I've ever taken up till three weeks ago, and that's about sixty thousand pictures? As well as my music files and design school projects and a million and one other things. =( Utterly devastating.
It feels like I've lost a significant part of me that I never really paid attention to, until it was gone. And I was planning to get a backup drive, as this one was nearing two years old already. I guess there's no need for a backup drive now, since there's nothing to back up. =P

Maybe it's a good thing, like starting on a clean slate without anything. Maybe it's good because now I'll just slowly forget everything, both the good things and the bad. But the problem is, I'll probably end up remembering the things I want to forget, and forgetting the things I want to remember. Isn't that what always happens?

But then again, I shouldn't get too attached to material things right? I shouldn't be so depressed over the fact that my hard drive is not functioning, although it's not the loss of the hard drive that I'm depressed about, but the loss of information contained, which I can never replace.

Gah. No big deal. 60000 pictures. I can start from scratch. And I already have 4500 pictures from New Zealand to start going through. Unless the hard drive in my laptop crashes. In which case I will save myself a trip to the hairdresser and systematically pull all of my hair out strand by strand. =D

Next time I'm getting 3 1Tb hard drives and linking them up in Raid 5 configuration.

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