Sunday, 6 June 2010

The Helix.

This is the shot that everyone seems to be taking with the bridge leading to the integrated resort. :D

Went with Ryan, Lenson, Hao Xiang and Dion to the Helix to take pictures a really really long time ago. Hahaha. Originally when the bridge was under construction, it was referred to as the Double Helix Bridge. However, at the grand opening ceremony, they renamed it to...the Helix.
Who would have guessed the magnitude of ingenuity and creativity the people behind the renaming must have had. I mean, wow. Aren't you just surprised beyond words.
What happens when a photographer gets too close.

Naturally we attracted a lot of stares because we were taking silly photos like the one above.

First we met at the new Promenade Circle Line station. And saw Lenson with his new D700!
$3000+ for a memory card reader/paper weight that takes pictures as well.

We went to Popeye's at the Singapore flyer first for dinner because you can't take pictures on an empty stomach! :P

Okay so after dinner (and many pictures of Lenson), we walked to the bridge.
The Earth is not your dustbin. The dustbin is your dustbin.

Shot with Dion's 85mm f1.8. I think we were changing lens quite frequently amongst ourselves. That's why you should get a Nikon. Hahaha.

This is Dion.

We reached after a short walk and finally saw the Helix!
Okay no the actually bridge was more like this:
It was really really crowded. With photographers everywhere.

Dion holding Lenson's 24-70mm f2.8.

The sunset was nice though. Which explained why all the photographers had their tripods facing one direction.


Anyways, I got really bored with taking pictures of the Helix bridge, because everyone else was there taking pictures of the exact same thing (at a slightly different angle if you want to be pedantic). Like, I don't really see the point in taking a picture that someone else has already taken; even if it's better, it's still after all just a bridge right. I probably cannot be an architectural photographer.

So we decided to do crazy things instead. Like point out where the water was (it's under the bridge btw), and how dangerous it would be if we were to fall in. And pointing our cameras all in the same direction suddenly and seeing which photographer did the same. :D We didn't talk loudly about the "fireworks" later that evening though, although we did that in the past hahaha.

After a while we decided to actually walk through the bridge (wow right) to Marina Bay Sands.

I have no idea why there are lighted alphabets on the floor of the bridge.

But it's there so we took pictures of it. :)

I was really bored with the usual landscape night skyline shots, so I decided to shoot stuff that's completely out-of-focus.
The Singapore Skyline.

The Helix Bridge and Marina Bay Sands.

And this is a bokeh panorama! Hahaha.

Marina Bay Sands is only due to fully open at the end of the year, so there was a lot of construction work going on.

Half Shocked, Fully Shocked, Looking Down.

You'll never guess who that crazy guy in the middle is! About 20 people walked past when we were taking this photo. And I think all of them looked.

There was a really long queue for the casino as well. And the casino had separate entrances for Singapore Citizens/Permanent Residents, like at an airport.

We went in, walked around, and headed back because there was really nothing to do there. Hahaha. Maybe when the sky park and waterfront areas open in June.

Carl's Junior for a freeflowdrink *cough*

I think Ryan in the background looks really cool. :D

Lenson typing on his 15inch MBP.

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