Thursday, 8 April 2010

Random Pictures.

We're totally running out of poses to do when taking pictures of ourselves. Hahaha. I mean, we've done the tourist pose, the awkward tourist pose, the Japanese tourist pose, the Ken Watanabe advertisement pose, can't really stay original and fresh anymore. =(

It's about 4 degrees outside now and the temperature's dropping at a rate of 1.5degrees an hour, so yes. Cold. And the other two are sleeping already, hahaha.

Sunset at Hakitika beach was amazing. We went back later to shoot the stars, and the stars were amazing as well. I saw a shooting star! =D For the first time ever. Haha. Ironic that I've been to a meteor shower before and didn't see a meteor then, but I saw one that night. It was super cool, watching it streak across the sky for a few seconds. And then it was gone.

And the three of us have this crazy plan to learn to skydive solo in New Zealand in the distant future. I think skydiving > bungee-jumping. Then we'll be photographer-musician-skydivers! Yeahh.

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