Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Back in Singapore.

Window Seat on the plane, twice. =D

Okay I landed yesterday, and I'm slowly getting used to life in Singapore again after the past two weeks of traveling around New Zealand. Haha. The thing I miss most about New Zealand is the air, which was super amazingly fresh and clean there, but feels like thick and polluted here in Singapore. And the weather, gah. It's so hot and humid here. =( In fact, I've been showering without the heater on and the tap turned to the coldest, and that feels warm as well. Haha okay maybe I'm just super susceptible to heat, even air-conditioned places feel stuff and hot.
I even stopped swimming in an outdoor pool today because the water was really warm, even though it was raining. =O I went to the indoor pool instead, and for the first time ever in the history of Minghui swimming in Sengkang's indoor pool, I didn't shiver once when I stepped in.

Hah. Anyways, took about 4500+ pictures in New Zealand, and that's not counting the 180+ pictures I took with my film camera waiting to be developed. I'm so lazy to start sorting through the photos.

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