Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Junior Year.

The first day of school started yesterday, and conversely that means I am now a junior in my school. I don't feel particularly different, nor have I developed any sudden feelings of junior-ness towards anything. But then again, junior-ness is probably something that announces itself gradually, like maybe by the end of next month I'll feel really junior-ish. Whoever came up with the silly terms to describe the years anyways hahaha.

I am feeling rather stoned after spending 6 hours straight reading a novel from start to end in one sitting. It was a science fiction novel intermixed with world politics and the respective histories of Russia, Thailand and India, with philosophy thrown in now and then as well. Awesome book.

Anyways, my current module is Studio Lighting, so I get to use monoblocs and light-stands and modifiers and all that stuff. Yay. =D I'm definitely hoping not to get a C+ for this module like I did for Photography, haha. I think it's going to be worse than photography though, in the sense that you're pretty limited creatively in terms of the media and forms of expression. It's all very technical and structured.

Today we saw a cockroach running about in the studio.
A bunch of girls: Minghui go step on it!
Me: What? EEW NO WAY.
Can you imagine the horror of it all?! Why in the World would I ruin my White Nike Dunks stepping on a cockroach? And I just washed them as well. So some other guy stepped on the cockroach after Wei Shi's many failed attempts to throw her shoe at it. But I did carry the cockroach out on a piece of paper after that, and it was still alive with it's feelers moving about although it's white-coloured insides could be seen visibly protruding from it's midsection. Okay very graphic.
Blame the 6 hours of reading. =)

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