Sunday, 28 March 2010

Before I Go.

Okay my past week has been super crazy exercise week. =O Went running on Sunday, swimming on Monday, cycling on Tuesday, and swimming on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Heh I feel so accomplished, although I didn't really swim much as compared to the past when I swam 200 laps a week? This week was only about 100 laps in total, but it's okay considering I haven't gone swimming in weeks, hahaha.

Cycling on Tuesday with Deon and Russell was awesome. Haha. Will blog about it, in the future. =D The sky wasn't as nice as the previous time, but who needs nice skies when you've got nice friends? /cheese

Okay I started packing on Saturday, and spent the entire afternoon (because I woke up at 11) trying to sort out what goes where and squeeze everything in. Amazingly enough, I succeeded on my first attempt. Haha. Okay I've never packed for a 2 week trip before because I've never been on a 2 week trip, but hopefully I have enough clothes. =D

Doesn't this look like Sushi!
Ironed and rolled up all my clothes. The iron was off when this picture was taken so Patrick was not burnt.

And this is what's going in my bag:
Okay no I'm not bringing my guitar, goggles, or cycling gloves. But wouldn't it be so cool if I did?! Hahaha.
Bringing 6 rolls of film (2 black & white YEAH), Nikon Fm2 with a roll inside, camera bag that looks like an underwear (Thanks to Deon), Nikon D80 with 24-70mm f2.8 (Lens from Lenson get it get it), 18-135mm f3.5-5.6, SB-600, Macbook, Drybag (which doubles as a pillow hah), and respective electronic chargers.

Okay I should at least make an attempt at sleeping now. Hahaha. Rest assured I shall be testing the water in New Zealand and comparing it's taste to Singapore, so that you guys no longer have to stay up at night wondering if the water there tastes the same as Singapore.

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