Monday, 8 March 2010


It's been yet another crazy week, and I pretty much spent my Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Church shooting and editing a video on top of the usual school lessons with a lecturer who somehow manages to give out homework everyday. It's probably one of the most insane weeks so far; I've been reaching home only after 11pm each night (thanks to supper almost everyday =D) and waking up at 8am or so to go to school to paint and save water. Haha. But I accomplished a lot the past week, from going to Body Worlds/Science Centre to attending a workshop on Cell Group Leading to skateboarding again. =D Tiring but fulfilling, although there's still a million and one things on my mind constantly.

Over the weekend I was asked twice to do something that I was completely unprepared for. Okay maybe the something wouldn't seem very stressful to others, but to me talking to a group of 40 people spontaneously, or giving a testimony to a group of a hundred and fifty or so is very nerve-wrecking. Although maybe I don't show it, haha. Like okay, most of the times I'm not prepared for presentations either, but this was kind of different because I didn't even know I'd be presenting until the very last minute. At least when you don't prepare for presentations, you're mentally prepared to be unprepared. =P

Okay but it got me thinking a lot about the whole point of either preparing yourself for something, or just letting go and seeing what happens. Whether you're prepared for something or not is an insignificant factor, because that something is going to happen anyways. I think I'm very unprepared for a lot of things that happened this year, or are happening now, and I used to think that was a bad thing, but I realised that it really doesn't matter because being unprepared means being willing to trust in a higher power.

Haha I don't really know what I'm writing about, and I'm not going to read through what I just wrote because I can be spending my time reading something more epically awesome (like Stephen King). Yay. Anyways, to end things on a lighter note, and if you just skipped all the text because you didn't want to read it, this is Patrick.

Haven't shot him in a long time. =)

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