Monday, 22 March 2010

Shopping with Hotshoe.

Awesome fountain thingy.

Went shopping for New Zealand stuff with Ryan and Lenson at Marina Square today. I think shopping with them is like a very different experience from shopping with other people. Hahaha. We were like, zooming straight to the shop we wanted, straight to the section which sold the thing we wanted, spent like 5 minutes there trying on what we wanted, then it was straight to the cashier and straight to the next location to find other stuff.
In around 4 hours we got pretty much everything we wanted/needed and still had time for dinner and a drink. If shopping was considered a sport we'd be the sprinters instead of the marathon runners. =D

We did lots of stupid stuff too. Was at this windbreaker section of a shop, and I was hiding in between the windbreakers posing and waiting for Lenson to take a picture of me whilst Ryan served as the lookout. When the shopkeeper walked by and asked us if we needed any help. Super awkward embarrassing moment. And Ryan completely failed in his duty and obligation as a lookout. But still hilarious, and I bought my windbreaker from there in the end hahahah.

And I finally learned our itinerary during the two weeks there. First we're going to Christchurch which has that unusual mix of urban civility and wild abandon just beyond the doorstep. Then to Mount Cook where'll we'll grab a glimpse of New Zealand's highest peak from impossibly blue Lake Tekapo, then tackle rewarding tracks closer up.

Okay I'm just copying all the descriptions from Lenson's Lonely Planet guidebook. Hahahaha. I think it's super hilarious. For example, I'm going to Queenstown to experience the ultimate combination of wild thrills and quiet contemplation against a jaw-dropping, scenic backdrop. It all sounds so amazingly advertisement-like. Okay not going to bother to copy the rest of the itinerary here because I forgot where else we were going to.

Hahahaha doesn't this look the same. Was gonna find a better looking picture but I realised we don't have any recent ones. Ah wells. =D

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