Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The Life Of An Average Student.

Wrote a pretty lengthy emo-ey post describing certain events that happened unexpectedly over the past few days when I started thinking about the whole point of blogging. So I deleted everything I wrote and now I'm writing about this. Was kind of questioning the whole point of the post, since if I did post what I'd written earlier, all it would do was bring others down. Okay maybe it wouldn't if no one reads or cares hahaha emo, but it wouldn't exactly bring cheer into other peoples' lives right? It would affect others, at least to a small extent.

But on the other hand, if my blog was just filled with endless lame jokes and or descriptions of my day, then wouldn't it end up being superficial and shallow? Okay no lame jokes are not shallow and superficial, but if there was nothing about my thoughts or opinions then this wouldn't really be my blog would it? It would be more like a descriptive essay of the life of an average student.

On the other other hand, what would I really be blogging for? Is it really for myself, or to affect someone either positively or negatively? Maybe it's happens subconsciously and unintentionally, but I think our words affect others and we have no way of controlling that other than our control of the words themselves. Like Yun Theng said, if we didn't have the internet life would be a lot less miserable. (See I quoted you back HAH)

Okay slipping away and getting lost in your thoughts at 2.30am is not a very good thing to do. Hahaha. At the end of it all, there's no point thinking about how unexpected the unexpected events were. The fact remains that these events happened, what matters now is what to do about it. Okay thinking time again.

See isn't this such a balanced post of descriptions of my life and my thoughts and opinions hahahaha.
All I need now to end the post would be like a film picture of an oil painting of a tiger.

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