Monday, 29 June 2009

Rooftops and Light Paintings.

Gah this is from about 1 month ago. Haha. But went to this new cluster of blocks opposite my house on the 30th of May to take pictures with Chee Sheng, Hao Xiang and Ryan. It was around night time la, because Ryan and me were at Old Changi Hospital in the Afternoon.

Anyways the cluster was relatively new, and people only started moving in this year, so haha there weren't many people around, and the rooftop access at the carpark was unlocked. =D I think it's probably locked now though..

The rooftop was pretty windy. The view wasn't very nice since it's the rooftop of a carpark, but then again it's okay la. Hahaha. Took stupid pictures at the top for a while then we went back down.


Minghui's ascension into heaven/hell, depending on whether you think Chee Sheng and Hao Xiang are angels or demons. =P

Since we had luck with the rooftop access from the carpark being unlocked, we tried going to two other blocks but their roof accesses were padlocked. So we gave up. Haha.


Went walking around, then we decided to go to the MRT station.

Who throws away a stuffed toy when moving in. =/

It was already around 11.30pm, so the MRT station was quite deserted la.

Then we played around with jumpshots and exposures.

"Okay on the count of three. Readyy ahh, oneee, twoo*snap*"-Priceless. Hahahaha.

Jumpshots were taken mostly with Ryan's camera, since he had two flashes, and long exposures with mine, since I had a wireless remote. =)

You should zoom in to see their faces. Hahahaha.

"Okay, try full power ah....*snap* AAHHH"

Hao Xiang floating away. Should photoshop a flying saucer above ah.

From this picture, you can conclude that Chee Sheng is the blackest. =P

Played around with light painting which is fun, but hard to create something other than random squiggles. =D

Left: Me, Right: Hao Xiang. Chee Sheng was holding the yellow light, Ryan was outlining us with the blue.

I have no idea why we were all wearing white that day.

Mount Rushmore. =D

We left at around 1.30am. Because Ryan's mother was coming to pick him up, and the mosquitoes were enjoying their buffet. Mosquito bites from Old Changi Hospital + Mosquito bites from Punggol = Torture. Had about 30+ bites all over la. I'm wearing long pants in the future hahaha.

Ryan in the middle of the road. Tsk tsk. Actually I was too la soo..

Ryan went home whilst Chee Sheng and Hao Xiang stayed over at my house.

=O Same cat. Hahaha.

Hao Xiang went to sleep at around 2.30am, Chee Sheng went to sleep at 5am, and I didn't go to sleep at all okay. Hahaha. Quite stupid since I'm staying awake at my own house. But haiyar, was going through all the Old Changi Hospital pictures and scaring myself anyways. Hahaha.

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