Sunday, 21 June 2009

Minghui Being Random.

Okay finally got around to developing the film I got from Ryan's camera a long long time ago. Most of the pictures are from the time I sent my digital camera for repair and borrowed Ryan's Minolta X-700.

Left: Me. Right: Ryan. I like the eyebrows hahahaha.

Haha I think it's an awesome camera, if only I had money to go buy a Nikon FM-10 ah.. It's quite challenging to take pictures with the X-700, cause you have to focus manually, check the shutter speed/aperture because changing ISO would mean changing film, and meter correctly. And you can't spam shots like crazy since a picture costs about 60 cents. =X A lot of my pictures turned out blurry and underexposed and all that la. But I think the pictures still look somewhat nice. =)

Didn't photoshop anything at all, besides adding the watermarks, cause i'm lazy I think all the pictures I took are just random snapshots. Hahaha.

I thought this sign looked weird, so I took a picture of it.

What? Rule of thirds?


Tried to take random people on the streets. Haha so scary what if they get angry and demand I delete the picture! =O

No idea where the other boot went to.

New skyscraper. Hahahahaha. Random.

"Eh Ryan stay there ah.." *spends 5 minutes trying to focus correctly*

Ryan on cellphone. Haha but blur la cause he moved. Or I moved. Or maybe I focused wrongly hahaha.

I think the colors from the film are awesome. =D

The *click* from the shutter when you press the button is very shiok also. More shiok than my D80 la. Hahaha.

Long exposure.

Wee tyco shots. Hahaha.

The signboard actually says "Hao Xiang Seafood Restaurant" which I've never realised before and hence took a picture of but forgot that the shutter speed at that level of light would kill the text and make it unreadable but anyways it says "Hao Xiang Seafood Restaurant" la. =D

Hahaha. Another random shot of Ryan. I think I got too many la. People might get the wrong idea. Blee.

Wrong focus. =/

Ryan playing my guitar. Also wrongly focused or motion blurred I think. But nevermind this has the soft focus effect. =D

Haha I think I'll probably edit some of the images here and post them to DeviantArt, so if you want to witness Minghui's awesome photoshopping skillz see better looking photographs you can go there. =P

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