Wednesday, 10 June 2009


The two week break is finally here. I think to me it seems like 6 months since I started school, but that's just me la. Anyways, my module ended today and I shall blog about what I did.

My first lesson in class was spent falling asleep cause we had to watch this video by some National Geographic photographer. Quite an old video since he was using a Canon film camera, and the photographer cannot stop talking about "looking at the ordinary, and seeing the extraordinary". I think he repeated that statement like dunno how many zillion times la.

And when the video ended my lecturer also started talking about looking at the ordinary, and seeing the extraordinary.

My first ever assignment after spending an entire month drawing. Was drawing. Blah.

Taken at 1.25am.

And my lecturer asked everyone to redo their drawings cause we didn't give our 'best effort'. Sighs.

Other than drawing, I had to go buy paintbrushes. And paint.

Unbelievably, the smaller paintbrush costs $3.50 whilst the bigger one $2.

My lens hood is a hand phone holder. I was bored la hahaha.

Oh and I do not like making collages. Horrible, and sticky and messy. And I had to make 3. =/

Eech. Not fun. =(

And had to follow a strict color code and all. I'd rather just stick random stuck to a piece of paper and call it a day hahaha.

My 4B pencil keeps breaking, hence it's so short.

Ohh and we had this Development Journal where we had to fill up about 68 A5 pages with reflections, thoughts and sketches.

I didn't write anything in my journal until the last minute, and I just filled it up with random quotes here and there invented by me. Hahaha.

"Design is the silver thread which binds us together in the eternal oblivion of darkness." - Zheng Minghui

"Minghui is sexy." - Zheng Minghui


Wah hopefully my lecturer doesn't bother to flip through the 27 different development journals from my class la. Heehee.

Haha that's about it la. Thankful for the 2 weeks break since the past few days were crazy and hectic and stressful and tiring. Dreading the next block though cause it'll be 9am to 3pm everyday again. =(

Have about 600+ pictures in my computer waiting for me to edit. And blog about. Haha.

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