Saturday, 21 February 2009

Walking Around Punggol.

Okay, went walking around Punggol on the 9th February because I felt like walking around Punggol and taking pictures. =)

Taken at one of the many construction sites around my house when no one was looking. =D

Decided to walk to Punggol End but gave up at the first bus stop and waited for 82 instead. Hahaha.

This is the weirdest spiderweb I've ever seen. I had to rush to take this picture because the bus was coming. =/

Went the other direction instead of the rocky place where most photographers go to.

Doesn't look like Singapore. And the place was really windy, so no mosquitoes. =D

Before Photoshop:

After Photoshop:
Haha. Looks like some 1980s photo ah.

Went to the rocky place where most photographers go after that. And lo and behold.

Oh and I think they added a lot more rocks to the area.

And a bunch of army boats drove past suddenly! =O

Sunset was nothing nice, so walked back home. Quite scary on the way back uh.


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