Monday, 19 May 2008


Okay blee, past few days went by blazingly fast. =X In fact, it went at the amazing constant speed of 1 second per second. No acceleration or deceleration. ;D

Lessons were nothing worth noting throughout the week, except that all PE and LCE lessons are replaced by Chinese in preparation for the upcoming O level Chinese Examinations. =( Kind of unsettling to think than in around 1 week's time I'll be sitting for the paper already. =(

The school's pretty hyped up about the Sports Carnival this coming Thursday, so there's house practice and everything. Haha, signed up for Floorball with Chee Hock, Ivan and Lenson, and signed up for Badminton with Eugene, Chee Sheng and Hao Xiang.

There was Chinese extra lessons on Tuesday, Science extra lessons on Wednesday followed by house practice until 6, then floorball heats which my team lost miserably with a score of 0 - 1. =( But it was a good effort la, we were really close to scoring too anyways, if only Mr Ong was not playing for the other team.

Went to play badminton after school on Friday with Stephen, Chee Sheng, Hao Xiang and Joshua. Ho Ming joined us and trashed us all even though his leg was injured. =X But we got lots of tips and advice on badminton. Ha.

Went off at 5+ for worship practice. Combined youth meeting was great, although it was kind of stressful playing in a band where I barely know the people and everyone's older than me and more pro. =X Haha, but it was cool, and I got to meet people from the other SA Churches in Singapore.

And there was supper after that. Ha. Free Food. =D Was super hungry cause I didn't eat dinner cause of badminton. And I met a girl named Beatrice from Eagles Youth whom was promoting an upcoming youth conference. Haha, I remember seeing her on stage at iHope last year! =)

Woke up on Saturday morning and I could barely move my left hand la. My entire left arm was aching pretty horridly. I think it's because of the floorball/badminton/guitar. Or a combination of the three. Especially badminton where I was happily swinging the racket around and the electric guitar was also slung on my left shoulder. Couldn't even move my fingers without feeling a twinge of pain, so I naturally couldn't spin pens with my hand anymore. =(

What do you do when you can't spin a pen with your left hand? Spin with your right hand! Haha. I think I can do finger pass on both hands slightly better now. =D

Pretty uneventful afternoon, I couldn't really type on the comptuer so I watched National Treasure 2 instead. =) Finished Christine by Stephen King, and did bunch of other random things. Went for dinner at some place which I've forgotten already. =X

Woke up early on Sunday for Church. Church was okay, went for lunch near J8, then went around to the library and walked around J8 for a while. Went to Vivocity after that, walked around more, then renewed Sentosa membership and had dinner at Sentosa. =)

Monday was a public holiday. =D But I woke up at 7am to go play badminton/captain's ball. Waking up at 7am on a Public Holiday is an abomination. But haiyar, still at least I won't revert to my usual pattern of sleeping after midnight and waking after noon. =)

Played badminton and captain's ball at Kovan CC until noon, then went for lunch at Macdonald's. Wanted to buy those spongebob cards they sold at Kovan and look for pens, but the shop was closed cause it was a public holiday. =X Took 136 home.

Went for dinner at Thompson Road, at this Indian Cuisine Restaurant. =D

Haha, yay okay I'm done. It's quite unnerving to think that in exactly less than a week now, I'll be sitting for O Level Chinese Paper 2. =\

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