Sunday, 11 May 2008


Okay haven't updated for a long time again cause of the various busy activities that students are now forced to devote their time to. =(

Lots of Birthdays this week. There was Wei Kit's and Lenson's Birthday last Sunday, then Meryl's and Bibiana's Birthday on Thursday, and my Sister's Birthday on Friday. =) Yea, Happy Birthday to whomever it may concern!

Attempted to surprise Wei Kit with Sec 4s, haha. Told him to stay back on Monday to discuss Area 7 Games Day Logistics, then brought the cake from behind him. But he says he was not surprised. -.-

Also attempted to surprise Lenson by telling him to share a cake for Hui Qin's birthday cake, but actually it's his birthday cake. Hahaha. Cycled to Swensen's at Compass Point from his house, then celebrated with Malvina, Ling Tong, Felicia, Hui Qin, Lenson, Jun Han, Ivan, View Meng, and Chee Hock. Was kind of like, teasing Lenson and Hui Qin all the time. Heh.

Went cycling around Seng Kang after that, went to some ulu ulu place at Seng Kang, okay, the correct word is undeveloped, but ulu ulu sounds nicer. Haha, then Ivan and View Meng went home whilst the 4 of us went to Punggol road. There's this like dirt track that I've never seen before. Haha. And more ulu ulu stuff. Sunset was awesome too. Went back to Lenson's house after that, then went home.

Oh and we had this 2 day workshop on how to 'Maximize your marks for the O level Comprehension Questions'. It was informative and enlightening and all that, and it was conducted from 3 to 5.30pm on Tuesday and Wednesday. Gah. But it's still much better than Chinese extra lessons on Tuesdays which we got to skip. =P

But we didn't get to skip extra lessons on Wednesday, so it was like School --> Chemistry --> English --> Home. Bleah.

On the day immediately after the workshop was our English Paper 2 Mock Exam. Was quite okay, although I finished the comprehension questions disgustingly early even though I kind of tried to re-read the question more than once and double check and all that. Like it started at 3? By 3.45 I was already attempting the summary question. And I had time to write a first draft, count the number of words, think of stupid replacements for the words, count the number of words again, then write the final draft, and doodle stupidly on the foolscap whilst practicing finger-pass. But that's English la, I can just imagine some horrid Maths paper and me rushing to complete it with 5 minutes left.

Oh and I watched The Showdown on Channel 5 on Thursday too. I recommend anyone with an hour of free time to go watch it.

Friday was okay, surprised my sister with a Simple Plan CD, and went for dinner before cell too. Went to Kopitiam for supper with cell group.

Spent my Saturday sleeping non-stop. Okay, I did spend my time doing something productive like reading. =D

Went to Church today, gave a testimony to my parent's cause it's parents day! Haha. =)

Okay everything else was pretty mundane and uninteresting, so I shall blog no longer.

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