Friday, 23 May 2008

June Holidays.

Yea school's officially over!!!! No more boring school lessons!!!!! No more waking up early in the Morning!!! No more stupid tests or exams or whatever!!!! HAHAHA!!

Okay, shall stop imagining that I'm still a sec 1/2/3 now. =(

There's a huge new mountain of homework that simply created itself over the past few days. Mount Holiday Homework or something.

And there's mock exams for nearly the whole of next week. =\

And who can forget GCE O Level Chinese Paper 1 & 2 on Monday? Blaaaaahhh.

Past week was more or less focused on Chinese lessons mostly. But at least we have other lessons too not like some schools which have intensive Chinese from 8am to 2pm daily.\

Oh yes, went to eat Sakae Sushi on Wednesday with Stephen, Bernice, Karen and View Meng. All you can eat buffet. Heh. Ate until super full, then played stupid games to decide who gets to eat more sushi. I think I lost the most la. Haha. And there was this greenish stringy stuff that Stephen says is seasoned seaweed and is nice, but I think it tastes disgustingly horrible. Yeech.

And there was Sports Carnival on Thursday. Didn't participate in anything cause both the badminton and floorball teams I was in lost in the heats already. Blee. And the Yellow Falcons lost to the Red Kites by 5 points. Haha. =X

Lots of flaming and remarks about the different school houses too. But seriously, why are people fighting over which house is better or whatever? Does it really matter? It's not like I'm going to lose my pride or my mental health or anything. At the end of the day, you'd simply be proving your childishness by bickering about school houses. At the end of the day, it's all supposed to be in good fun right? -.-

Didn't have anything much to do after the Sports Carnival, so went to play badminton at Sengkang CC. =D It's like the only CC with air-conditioned badminton courts that I know of, but I didn't really feel the air-con, cause I'm too hawt already. =)

Played for about 2 hours. I think I'm a better doubles player cause I always have to run after the shuttlecock when playing singles. Or maybe it's just that Keane/Jun Han/Stephen all love to make people run. =\ And I always hit out when playing singles la. -.-

Friday was more intensive Chinese extra lessons. School ended at 10am for sec 1 -3s. Grr. But okay la, learned lots of awesome Chinese idioms that I'm so going to regurgitate out during the exam. Heehee.

Oh and went to celebrate Hui Qin's birthday after that at Han's. Haha. The same people that went to celebrate Lenson's birthday the other time + Stephen were there. Then whilst eating at Han's Lenson mentioned this gardener that was watering the plants with this hose, but because of the angle the hose was hidden, so, you know? Lots of stupid jokes are tsunami, water gun, high tide, high pressure, those kind of things. =D

Went for worship practice at 5pm. Message was about PNNK. =) Went for supper at a Kopitiam in Bishan with cell group, then went for supper again at the Kopitiam opposite Punngol Park with my sister and father cause they didn't eat dinner. Haha, but I'm not so greedy la, only ate once.

Okay that's everything. Don't think I'll be blogging until next Friday or something when exams are 'over'. =)

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