Sunday, 12 April 2009

Earth Hour 2009.

Okay Earth Hour was last Saturday! Haha. I think it's kind of like a useless event, although it's supposed to be a 'vote' against climate change or something. Haha although I do turn off all the lights in my house for 8 hours every night, more if I sleep early.

Anyway, went down to Esplanade with Ryan and Stephen to take pictures! Although we didn't take much cause it was crowded with lots of people going to watch the city lights disappear. =O Hahaha. Some hotels and banks didn't turn off their lights! *cough* OCBC *cough*

In the end we didn't take pictures of the darkened skyline at all hahaha. Next year laa.

Went to the area outside Esplanade library and played with wireless flashes. =D

Slow Sync Flash = Instant Photoshop Effect hahaha.

Tried to do a flash back-lighting effect but it doesn't look very obvious. =/

Purple color cast created with Stephen's shirt! Heh.

Immediately after this picture was taken : "Ah my eyes wah lau Minghui!"
I accidentally triggered the flash into Ryan's eyes at full power whilst he was doing something to it. =P =\

Ryan the Strobistman!

Ahh. Haha I'm going to photoshop this man.

Still have a bunch of HDR stuff, but I don't have time to go edit. Gahh.

Anyways we went back at around 10pm, but I went to the airport to go send Shermin off.

Took lots of pictures, but I don't have many cause I used Shermin's memory card to take the pictures and they're all with her in Shanghai now. Haha.

Yup went home after that.

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