Thursday, 16 October 2008

O Level Science Practical.

Okay haven't been blogging lately because I don't really feel like blogging. Or maybe I shouldn't blog because I'm supposed to be studying. =/

Anyways. The GCE 'O' Levels started with Science Practical today. Blee. I was sort of confident that I'd get a decent result at first. But after looking at this, I don't feel that sure anymore. =(

GAH. Salt T is Potassium Bromate btw. And it's a Redox Reaction! Aaah.

Okay enough depressing stuff. The practical itself went okay la. Didn't make any stupid mistakes, like drop the test tube or whatever. Hahaha. And Heather sitting next to me managed to create smoke when she was emptying the contents of her test tubes into the sink. Haha. I don't know how she did it la, I didn't get any smoke at all when I dumped everything in the sink, just lots of mixed up colours. =S

Went for lunch after the practical with Lenson, Jude, Malvin, Jun Han and Hui Joo at Pepper Lunch, then went back home after that. =)

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