Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Matthew's Birthday.

Went to celebrate Matthew's Birthday last Saturday. Haha. =)

Met up with Hao Xiang at Tampines Interchange at 11am. Then took a train down to City Hall. Went to Citylink Mall first. Wasted time playing the xbox360 at HMV (and I beat Hao Xiang =P), then walking around very randomly, then meeting Chit Min at MPH bookstore at around 12pm.

We walked from Citylink to Suntec to eat Just Noodles. Hahaha. The restaurant name is misleading, because it doesn't offer Just Noodles, but rice, and drinks, and ice cream too. Okay la, it's quite worth it. $6.50 for Chicken Cutlet with Rice, Miso Soup, and free flow of drinks and ice cream? =O But we were quite full after eating so we didn't go kope as much ice cream as possible okay, haha. And chicken cutlet is known as chicken cutlet because the chicken cut le. =)

We walked pretty much all the Suntec towers, then went to Millenia Walk, then Marina Square, then back to Citylink Mall in search of a bookstore. Haha. In the end we went back to MPH and bought Matthew a very useful book containing lots of insults. For example : "If I throw a stick, will you leave?" and "As an outsider, how do you feel about the human race?" Hahaha.

Also bought Matthew slippers from New Urban Male. The opposite of New Urban Male is Old Rural Female?

Then we went walking around to Raffles City, then from there we walked to Dhoby Ghaut, and met the others there. =)

Haha. Watched The House Bunny. Wah. It's a very stupid funny show. =D

Oh, and Chit Min and me formed a wrapping crew! The Singapore WRappers! Hahaha. Wah, not bad man. I know how to breakdance, beatbox, hip-hop, popping, locking, and now wrapping! XD Hahaha. Damn stupid la. Then we came up with a number of variations on how to fold your arms too.

Went for dinner at Long John Silver, then took a train back with Chit Min. Wah. Did stupid things on the MRT, heh. And we saw two kids playing Vampire! Wah. Wanted to go battle with them, but then we were too scared la. =D

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