Monday, 20 October 2008

16 Years Old.

Gosh. Okay, finally turned 16 last Friday. =)

Eh. Hao Xiang, Chee Sheng, Chit Min, and Matthew surprised me at my house on Friday morning. Woah. Just woke up la. Haha. But the surprise was a bit not surprising because Hao Xiang called me to ask my house unit number. =P And they gave me a Pandan Cake also. =D

Haha. Messed around in my room for a while doing random things. Thanks Chee Sheng for polishing my boots which I've not touched in a zillion years. =D Played da di for a while too, then Hao Xiang tried to make Snowie stand but Snowie won't listen to him. =D

And I think Snowie can be a model man. Keeps posing for the camera, haha. Pictures taken by Hao Xiang.




Hopeful. =D

Okay went for lunch at Compass Point Pizza Hut after some time. *Cough*Yay Free Flow*Cough* Haha. Chit Min drank 4 glasses of coke sia =O

Walked to Chit Min's house from Punggol Interchange, then borrowed his ball and went to play basketball with Chee Sheng and Hao Xiang. Haha. Wah. Damn stupid, there was this mini basketball hoop hanging in Chit Min's room with the words Steve Nash on it. Hahaha. Then Hao Xiang was like : "Woo Steve Nash Steve Nash!" :D And I won Chee Sheng at mini basketball with a very tyco shot from Chit Min's room door. =P

Walked back to my house to play. Hao Xiang's friend joined us because he was bio-ing Hao Xiang from opposite the road. =D

Went up to my house at around 4pm, bathed, changed and then left for Cell group. Went to Hougang cause the other two were alighting there, then went to buy dinner with Hao Xiang whilst Chee Sheng went home to study. Hahaha. Hao Xiang got cheated of his money buying dinner, twice. XD

Took 74 down to Church, then discussed with Joleen for a while on the announcement thingy. Then went to set up guitars with Ming Ren. Haha. I was like wearing my jacket, then I told Ming Ren : "Okay let's be emo guitarists today." Then with everything set up already. "Eh..why not working ah." =S

Okay, worship went okay. =) There was the video on the upcoming Youth Camp which had Guan You in almost every slide too. =D Message was a video on rain in your life. It's when the rain will come, not if the rain will come.

Celebrated my birthday with Cell group too. Haha. Had a PowerPuff Girls cake.

Yay Buttercup! Haha. Picture was taken with Ming Ren's phone, and it was after the cake was cut already.

Took 13 to Potong Pasir and took a train back to Punggol after cell group. Went to meet Denise at her house void deck because she wanted to pass me presents. =) Walked back home after that.

Thanks to everyone that wished me happy birthday! Erm, Hao Xiang, Chee Hock, Stephen, Xue Ee, Koon Tat, Chee Sheng, Chit Min, Matthew, Elaine, Woei Jiun, Pei Fang, Nina, Fiona, Malvina, Jude, View Meng, Darren, Wan Ting, Alvin, Wilson, Pin Han, Dawn, Eileen, Heather, Zhi Hui, Hui Qin, Jemaine, Jolene, Amelia, Cheryl, Yu Rong, Guan You, Tammy, Cedric, Ming Ren, Rachel, Serene, and anyone else that I've forgotten already. =)

Celebrated my birthday with my family the next day because I reached home after midnight. =S

Oh. And I had a Doraemon cake. =O Okay, don't know why I'm getting weird cartoon cakes for my birthday. There was another 'real' cake la. Haha.

Haha yup, that's about everything except for a big juicy bone. ;)

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