Saturday, 4 October 2008

The Last Week Of School.

Okay. This shall be a very long long post considering that it has been a very very long week. =)

It's been rather crazy this last week and I've been running around doing a whole bunch of things besides studying. =/

Brought my camera and guitar to school to shoot the graduation video of our class. Haha. The idea for our class video was rather hastily thought of and put together, and Airil and me are going to look like complete fools in front of the whole school this coming Friday. But okay la, at least I learned how to play Vampire with Airil. Hahaha.

Oh yes, tried out Jude's recently acquired Fender Stratocaster too. =D

We were given this other school's Prelim worksheet to do doing Geography, and Jude, Lenson and me ended up drawing our artistic interpretations of the human face on the worksheet. Haha.




Haha. It's safe to say that mine definitely has the best hairstyle. =D

Took photos with Mr Koh in the Humanities room too. =)

Random pictures! Haha.

Dun dun dun. Taken during our Graduation Ceremony rehearsal. =D

Done by Chee Hock the MCR fan. =)

*Looks around innocently*

Geetar. =)

Went to Plaza Sing after shooting the video with Koon Tat, Denise and Fiona. Watched Mamma Mia. Er. Okay la, the movie wasn't that bad. If you want to see old ladies dancing around and singing, or watch Pierce Brosnan(James Bond) singing, then it's definitely for you. Haha. And I didn't fall asleep this time. =)

It's rather uncomfortable bringing a camera bag, school bag, and guitar bag into the cinema though, hahaha. =/

Went cycling with Ah Xiang and Ah Sheng after school! Haha. Went to Pasir Ris Park again, and cycled to Tampines and back.

Hao Xiang showing Chee Sheng how to swim?

Spent about an hour cycling all the way to Tampines and back, didn't take much pictures because we were cycling really fast. =) Then we went back to the playground at Pasir Ris Park and played.

Haha. Had lots of fun running around like little kids and doing stupid things. =D Took a lot more pictures, but shall not post them here. =P

Haha oh and we went to Ikea again after that. =D Reached home at around 9pm.

It was Hari Raya Puasa and Children's Day! =D You won't ever guess what I did on that day man.

Went to study with Stephen at Kovan. -.-

Lenson was supposed to come because someone was there but then in the end he didn't. Went to White Tangerine cafe, and I just realised that I owe Stephen money for the chocolate fondue we ate, hahaha.

Oh, and when we first reached Geraldine's friend there was like : "You're the guy from Where's Alvin right?" Hahaha. Gosh, I don't even know her name. Then they started guessing my name and I told them I was Bond, James Bond. XD

Hao Xiang joined us at around 4pm. Haha. We studied for quite a while, me doing Maths whilst Hao Xiang studied Development and Stephen helped Geraldine with Science. *Cough*

And Nina and Wei Ting were there, and Koon Tat, Denise and Xue Ee were studying at MacDonald's nearby. =)

Due to some strange circumstantial event, we ended up playing Donkey. Hahaha. The game is so stupid that it's fun. We ended up adding like 3 donkeys inside, then wasted an hour or so trying not to pick the donkey from each other. Hahaha.

Met my family at Vivo for dinner, then went home.

Haha. Lenson and me became data loggers for Mr Koh after school. Like, the two of us sitting at some corner in the General Office, me typing away whilst he's reading out information for about 3 hours straight. Rather repetitive and tedious and tiring, but there's still some fringe benefits, haha. ;)

The last day of school. It's all been rather fast and hectic? Didn't bring my camera to school so I didn't take any pictures. =/ Haha nevermind pictures are all scattered around everybody's blog anyways.

We had sparkling juice as a 'celebration' during English lesson. Hahaha. Went around acting like a sophisticated businessman, then tried locking hands with Jude (heehee), then went around doing random things, then went to take pictures with Mrs Ku because we didn't want to go back for LCE lesson. =D

Went for lunch with Koon Tat, Fiona and Denise, then Koon Tat and me waited a horribly long time to cut our hair. -.-

Cell group at night was okay. Spent time playing guitar with Ming Ren and Ben. =D Haha. Rather interesting with 3 acoustic guitars, although 1 has a string missing.

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