Thursday, 2 June 2011

Lim Chu Kang Rural Centre.

A few weeks ago I was out shooting pictures around Lim Chu Kang for my module. That module has (thankfully) ended so I don't have to suffer countless mosquito bites anymore. That said, I probably don't mind going back there to take pictures again, just not any time soon.

Anyways, I decided to post pictures that I submitted for my module as well as pictures that didn't make the cut. So this is one of them.
"Lim Chu Kang Rural Centre is a small housing estate vacated in 2002 under the Selective En Bloc Redevelopment Scheme. The abandoned flats are currently being used as SAF's training facility similar to Murai Urban Training Facility." I stole that almost entirely from Wikipedia because I couldn't find much more about the subject.
What it looks like from outside.
This was the Hawker Centre, right in the middle. The sky that day was very oppressive and I was alone. Hahaha. I was rushing to shoot enough pictures before the thunderstorm started. I kept jumping at every lightning bolt and thunderclap haha.

I went to the place twice, the first time with Ryan and the second time alone. So if the pictures look different it was because they were taken on different days at different times. With different people?
Anyways, I thought the place was okay. Interesting to see a housing estate from 9 years ago. Definitely not as scary as Old Changi Hospital which was abandoned like 20 years ago. The entire place has been stripped down and removed of any furniture, electrical wiring, and glass windows, so it looks quite sparse. It's quite clean as well, maybe because all the NS men have to clean up after their training exercises. 
When I went with Ryan (pictured above), it wasn't so bad because at least if I fell and broke my leg I'd have someone to scream at. But when I was alone I'd only have my handphone with the innocuously elusive reception in the area. And screaming for help wouldn't help cause I was far away from the main road where trucks drove past at speeds that rival F1 cars. And no one lived around that area at all. Okay just thoughts going through my mind at that time. I'm really an optimistic person, when I'm not alone.
Who would take off their shoes and socks/slippers and kick a wall just to leave their footprints.
This was a common sight on almost every wall and pillar. People writing down when they ORDed and which unit they were from.

 Plant growing through the concrete.
 There were holes cut out of some walls, probably so that soldiers can use them strategically to create a diversion or flank an enemy, or shoot at each other without moving about too much.
Cat! I bet YT drew this.

You can still see remnants left by the original people staying in the houses from the paint on the walls and the unit numbers on the doors.

 I liked the choice of BluRay movies.
Ryan taking a picture of his feet.

 It was quite freaky being alone because although the place was deserted there were still many sounds. Like birds nesting and flying off because you disturbed them. You can't help but look into every dark window to see if anything/anyone was there.
I did not go into this house at the end because there was a wasps' nest blocking the corridor. And the door looked scary. Mostly because of the wasps' nest.

 Familiar looking tables and chairs. And letterboxes.
Lightning conductor strip. So I was safe from lightning.
 This was one of the stalls at a Kopitiam on the first floor.
 Another stall. This one with the artistic Jackson Pollock-inspiration.

 This was the only locked gate I found. DUN DUN DUNNN

 Ryan looking serious.
 I never saw this before! Insect repellent wipes! :O
 Okay then it started to rain so I went off.

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