Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Soft-Boiled Eggs.

On Monday morning I woke up deciding that today I would try to cook soft-boiled eggs! Because I felt like eating soft-boiled eggs. (Duh) And it was almost not a Monday morning because I only started cooking at 11.40am.

Anyways, I decided to google "how to cook a soft-boiled egg", and clicked on the 6th result, because it had the word perfect in it. And I followed the instructions listed very carefully.

As expected I ended up with two hard-boiled eggs. I do think one of them was quite soft in the center though; maybe 5 percent liquid? Ah well, failing is the first step to success and all that right?

I think this sets back my goal of making poached eggs, scrambled eggs and sunny side ups by a few months. (I blame Google for the lofty aspirations.)

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