Thursday, 16 June 2011

Between 2 Camps.

It's been a rushed and hectic and stressful and tiring week for me. Because I just came back from an awesome Youth camp. Not so awesome is the fact that the camp is just before my school has ended; also known as the dreaded submission week. Meaning I've been having to adjust almost immediately from the camp-like atmosphere to the school-like atmosphere. And I've been sneezing constantly in the process.

And I have another camp tomorrow which I'm looking forward to because it's a Church camp, meaning we won't need to do tiring things like in the Youth camp. I think I'm feeling old. :( An afternoon of station games and an afternoon of laser tag and I feel like an old man. Maybe it's the sudden burst of exercise after a long drought of inactivity. I haven't gone running since the marathon hahaha.

On a more positive note, I think leading a group during the Youth camp has been an eye-opener for me. Learning more about being an example for God and praying for the people under you. Hope the enthusiasm and such won't be a one-off thing and continue on. Am definitely more inspired to lead my cell group now.

Last day of school, left with my portfolio and resume to print out and interviews to go for!

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