Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The Repose Photoshoot.

As part of a school assignment, we had to source for a client of our choice and create a design solution. For my group, we decided to design and create a CD sleeve and band identity for a local band, The Repose. Okay all that sounded like part of the presentation/proposal. Gah. Anyways we went to shoot pictures of the band in a video studio.

Russell trying to be in a commercial.

Shooting in a video studio was kind of different, since the backdrop was all green, the lights were all modelling lights and there weren't any studio flashes at all. And I was half-dead from yesterday cause it was a Friday night, and I think I shot with wrong settings on the camera more than once. =S Thanks to Ryan for his super awesome Sony A850 though. =D

Deon being Deon. =)

Couldn't find a nicer building shot to photoshop in. =(

Converting photos at Ryan's house.

Rest of the pictures on Facebook here.

And this is Russell again. =)

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