Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Leader's Retreat.

Minghui is waiting for his paint to dry now. Hence he shall blog hah.

Okay leader's retreat was long long ago. 5th to 6th of June? Blee. Was supposed to meet Jolene sometime in the afternoon at Ngee Ann Poly because I didn't know how to get to William Booth Corps hahaha. But my class ended at 12pm and I ended up sleeping till 5+.

Thought I would have plenty of time to reach Ngee Ann Polytechnic but ended up being late la. Slightly. Who knew that the bus from Clementi would take another 15minutes. Haha eeyer so far away. I'm too used to the 20 minute bus ride + 10 minutes bus ride = School routine already.

Stupid thing was I realised there was a direct bus there from Hougang interchange and I would have saved about $3 in bus/MRT fares. Sighs.

Sunset was nice. But the view from the balcony had lots of trees. =/

Leader's Retreat was okay. Towards the end it was like a neverending leader's meeting that ended at 1am. And in retrospect I think most of the problems discussed aren't really solved yet. But it was good la, not just because Yurong reads this blog. =D


Patrick Projected.

Heart-shaped Potato! Gasp.

Went to watch Terminator Salvation at Jurong IMM. Gosh the place looks different. Probably cause the last time I went there was last year. The movie was okay la. Some parts were unbelievable, and the sound in the cinema was super loud. Haha but you sort of know when to cover your ears. The loud sounds are always preceded by eerie silences.

Had supper at MacDonald's after that then reached home at about 1am.

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