Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Haji Lane.

Went down with Ryan to Haji Lane about a month ago to take pictures. Haha. For the uninitiated (like me, I had no idea Haji Lane existed), Haji Lane is this lane in Singapore with shophouses.

There were lots of graffiti on the walls!

From this picture, I can infer that someone changed their batteries and left the old ones there.

HDRs. =D

Took photos here and there. Then me and Ryan decided to walk in the general direction of the concourse towers.

Weird Building.

Graffiti Artists. I think they're being paid la.

Emo bird is emo.

Yellow Vespa. =O

Ryan smiles to himself after taking a nice picture. Hahaha.

The owner of the motorcycle was fortunately not around. =D

I was lucky enough to be able to capture this bird in flight. *cough*

I don't know what this is for. But I took a picture of it. =D

Slacking on the job?

HDR again. =)

Left: Broomstick Right:Tree

The iMotorbike. =D

We walked pretty much all the way to Suntec city, then from there to Marina Square. Haha. At some point we ended up on the expressway with no pavement waiting to cross the road, but other than that it was quite okay.

Went to Cathay Photo and bought a rocket! =D Haha. Then had dinner at Carl's Junior and went home.

Patrick and the Rocket.

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