Sunday, 26 July 2009

Cousin's Wedding.

Haha okay I'm about 1 month behind in blogging. Blahs. My cousin's wedding was on the 10th of June. Took a number of pictures there. Haha. Thankfully my school break started the day before the wedding. =D

I'm tired and lazy to blog what happened that day in detail la. But to sum things up, my cousin got married. Yup. =)

Random pictures.

I think wedding photography is pretty awesome. Especially since all the photographer was using was a D300, Sb-800 and 18-55mm f2.8 Tamron lens. The dinner was quite good too la. Although I was like thinking about side plates and oval trays and fanfare and all that stupid terms they use during a banquet. Haha. Permanent damage from working in a hotel before.

Okay new modules tomorrow, past block was insane. I think I got so used to the stress of completing assignment after assignment non-stop that now when it's all completed it feels weird.

I think I have lots to think about lately too.

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