Wednesday, 13 October 2010

New Zealand Day 7.


Day 7 was Easter Sunday!
 The view from our room.
Daylight Savings also ended that day so we had the enthralling experience of turning our clocks back an hour. Hahaha. It was fun for like 10 seconds.
Then we went to make breakfast! Breakfast was bread with peanut butter and jam. Haha.
And tea! Most of the hostels and places we stayed had like free tea which was quite nice. Although strangely all the tea from all the different hostels all tasted the same!
Oh yes I challenged Ryan to a few games of Connect Four. I kept losing, hmph. :/
Lenson at breakfast. With nice artistic paintings on the wall behind.
 Okay we boarded another bus which would take us to Wanaka, which is another town in New Zealand. And there were lots of interesting things to see on the journey there.
 Like vineyards.
 Giant fruits.
 A giant airplane parked in the middle of a field wit a helicopter flying above it.
Okay there was actually an air-show during the Easter weekend at Wanaka that was aptly called Warbirds Over Wanaka. And our bus drove right past the air-show which was held at a huge field near the outskirts of the town.
There were also like vintage airplanes as well! But we didn't go to the air-show la haha.
 Okay we reached Wanaka and went walking around!
 There were like airplanes flying above us in formation sporadically. And they were all like old airplanes so it almost felt like being in a historical WWII battle! Hahaha.
Skatepark! :D
There was an open field in Wanaka with a flea market and an art roadshow thing. And we went to the roadshow first.
 This was actually a camera! Hahahaha.
It took me a while. Then I realised it was a Lego-man.
I think I can do this also lor. Haha it's like Lillie's assignment for colour swatches back in 2D Art Fundamentals.
Okay we left the show after awhile and went out to check out the flea market. :)
The busker was very talented at guitar. And looks like Charlie from Lost. Hahaha.
 There were lots of random stuff on sale.
I think any food you put on this plate would just look bland and colour-less. Which is probably why we always use white/single-colur plates to make our food look nicer. :D
 Haha I didn't buy my necklace from here. Although seeing this reminds me of Shark-bait all over again.
 Hah. After seeing this we decided to go collect stones from around New Zealand. Anyone wants to buy New Zealand stones for $2? I have like 6.
 We had lunch at Subway. :) There was some weird red soft drink. Haha. And different kinds of bread and cheese as well.
 Then we went walking again.
We went to the lakeside, because Wanaka also has a lake. :)
This little boy was getting swarmed by ducks for food.
This dog went splashing into the lake and chasing all the ducks away. 
 Then it ran out again. Haha.
These two boys were using a metal detector! :O
 Okay after walking around for a while we went grocery shopping because we needed to stock up on food. I think grocery shopping is an adventure in itself hahaha.
Living Plants!
 We were very tempted to try this but didn't in the end. Haha. Can you imagine drinking your breakfast! Eeee.
Okay we decided to go back to the hostel because there was nothing else to do. Haha. Our hostel had flags!
 We lazed around in our room for a few hours reading and sleeping. Then we went out to find dinner!
 Decided to eat fish and chips by the lakeside! :D
 Awesome. Eating fish and chips and watching the Sun set over the lake was really nice. One of the best meals, cheaper than most other restaurants/food outlets we went to as well. :P
 Lenson trying to feed the ducks with chips. Hahaha.
 Then we tried baiting the ducks to get the chips themselves.
After the Sun set it started to get really cold. So we went back to our hostel and found a New Zealand couple in our room! Hahaha. They were staying the night as well and were sharing the same living room/kitchen with us. So we talked to them for some them, and learned that they were from Auckland and came to see the airshow. Haha then they asked us about Singapore as well. It was interesting talking to complete strangers and watching New Zealand television on the couch with them. Weird experience.

Then Ryan and I decided to go back out to the lake to take pictures of stars! Lenson was too lazy to come along. :)
It was super cold outside.
 We reached the lake and the stars were like, everywhere! :O
 Okay my camera was really bad at taking stars. Like noisy. The picture above doesn't do the location justice. And my remote control wasn't working so the exposure time could only go up to 30 seconds.
 The stars in real life were a million times more amazing. :O
This was Ryan's camera which was well prepared with a tripod and cable release. Haha I was shooting without a tripod and with the self-timer.
We waited around for about an hour for Ryan's camera. Haha the temperature was about 4 degrees and the more we lay around on the beach the colder we got. So we did silly stuff to stay warm like challenging each other to air hockey on the iPhone. It was so cold that at times our fingers wouldn't register with the iPhone, hahaha. Ohh and we tried to think of songs to hear when star-gazing as well haha.
Went back to our room at around 10pm. And that bright white light was actually the moon! :)
We went star-gazing again at Hokitika and Arthur's Pass a few days later, and it was even awesomer/colder. So that ends Day 7. YEAH.

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